Lash Citizen THE BASICS Bundle

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Lash Citizen THE BASICS Bundle

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You’re new to the Citizen Lash system and want the basic essentials to get you started. Here is exactly what you need to successfully apply your lashes. 


  • One Connection Adhesive
  • One Lash Tray of your Choice (Up to 120 uses per tray)
  • One DIY Lash Tweezer

Note: No Remover provided in this kit 

DIY eyelash extensions (also known as temporary lashes, semi-permanent or false lashes) are individual lash clusters that are easily applied one by one to the under or upper side of the natural lash line with a semi-permanent adhesive. The Citizen DIY Lash system helps to create longer, fuller looking lashes that will last up to 5 days without removal. To apply an entire lash set, place anywhere from 2-6+ lash clusters to each eye. Each lash set is reusable up to 10+ times and the learning curve for DIY lashes is not extensive, anyone can do it.